sale management task 6

Task 6

Welcome to Task 6!

The successful recruitment of salespeople is of fundamental importance in ensuring the long-term success of any selling organization. Because of globalization and the spate of changes it has ushered in, companies are in continued search and compete fiercely for qualified candidates to fill sales positions. By the same token talented people are leaving one organization for another in search of better opportunities. Because of the high cost of recruiting, selecting the right people and retaining them is a key responsibility of sales managers.

Read chapter 9 in the textbook.

In a recent discussion on the use of the internet to generate applications, the following quote was made and illustrates the application of the internet to the recruiting and selection process :It doesn’t care whom you know, what kind of suit you are wearing, or whether or not you have a firm handshake. Salespeople looking for a job may soon have to face their toughest interview yet – with a computer.

What are the advantages of using the internet to conduct preliminary job interviews? What problems is a company that uses computer-aided interviewing likely encounter?

Upload your task using Word file.

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