rewrite and add to my please answer both questions in two different paragraphs

Total length for this assignment: 1 page, single spaced.

Please answer both questions in two different paragraphs. Take time to write clearly and edit your papers. You will be graded for content as well as writing style. If you are quoting the authors directly, insert page number (XX). However, avoid long quotes since this is a short assignment.

1. According to Hune, what are some issues that come up in studying the histories of Asian American women? (2 points) Shirley Hune. “Through Our Eyes: Asian/Pacific Islander American Women’s History.” In Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: A Historical Anthology. pp. 1-7 only.

2. According to Susie Ling, what were some issues that Asian American women’s movement in Los Angeles were trying to address, and why were these specifically “Asian American women’s issues? (2 points) Susie Ling, “The Mountain Movers: Asian American Women’s Movement in Los Angeles,” Amerasia Journal, 1998, pp. 51-66. This is what i wrote if you can rewrite and add to it There were some issues that came up in studying the histories of Asian American women. One being the courses never focused on Asian American islander just regular women studies.Then they made a Asian American Islander courses but they would focus on the male Asian American Islanders. Which Questioned how do we know, what we know. Many were not putting out what they learned and experienced through out their life times because people were not focused on the Asian American Women or what they had to go through for fight for equality. Some Asian American Issues Susie Ling was talking about was how the Asian American were left out and really did not have a place in the society. Another issue would be women were frustrated with the kind of subtle attitude that men had a right to women sexually.Drugs became an epidemic in Asian American community in Los Angeles. A big issue that those women faced and what really helped the movement was that, the women were more confident and united then ever. They helped one another during drug epidemic, they would support each other in case someone was suicidal actually trying to avoid getting into trouble.The problem was the women did not have as much confidence and actually going out putting yourself in the world.

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