revision on a paper assessment 2 evidence based population health improvement plan

This is what needs to be change,

-I can tell that you worked on the data for this criterion, but I don’t see enough data to support a specific diagnosis for a specific community group. You need to address the data and select a specific health issue related to a specific population within the community of Hispanics. You will also need to address gaps and areas of uncertainty that need to be looked at when developing a community plan.

-Hi , I can tell that you worked on this section. Go back and add more specifics to your plan that will address the health issue you identified for the Hispanic community. What specifically would you want to do with this population group and formulate a plan based on what you know about this population group and the health issue you have identified? What assumptions can you identify (positive and/or negative) with the development of this plan?”

-This section addresses the evaluation process of your plan. It needs to be specific to your population group. Can you add specifics to this section? What other criteria did you consider when evaluating your plan but didn’t use and why? Again, it is so important to see the whole picture when developing a plan and evaluating the success.”

-This section needs evidence-based support for your community plan. You need to be able to support why you have created this plan in order to have “buy-in” from the community and stakeholders. What about the consideration of conflicting data or evidence? This is so important to look at other views in order to develop the best plan possible for your population group.”

-Many missing citations, please use headings to break up your work and organize it better. Use the grading rubric to draw from so you don’t forget anything.

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