revise for outline

First, I submitted this outlined for this essay:

The Role of Non-verbal Communication in Effective Communication

I. Introduction

a.) Begin introduction with “the hook” , then describe effective communication and non-verbal

b.)Background for verbal communication, explain and discuss why is it important and may include quotes or supporting details from a reliable source.

c.)Thesis statement: The ability to use and understand non-verbal communication is essential to help individuals connect with others when trying to express feelings, handling difficult situations and creating relationships with other in diverse places.

Body Paragraphs:

a.)Topic Sentence 1: Nonverbal communication is an effective way in expressing or portraying feelings and emotions to others without being accompanied by words.

  • Discuss more about the different categories of nonverbal communication
  • Explain how non-verbal cues or types helps in expressing our feelings such as body language, facial expressions and gestures.
  • Includes examples and supporting details
  • End topic sentence 1 or paragraph with transitional sentence

b.)Topic Sentence 2: Non-verbal communications can offer meaning above and beyond spoken or verbal communication, and often speak louder than words; therefore, understanding of nonverbal communications can also be instrumental in handling difficult situations.

  • Explain and describe the appropriate use of nonverbal cues or signs (for instance, such as gestures and body language should matches your verbal message)
  • Discuss the role of “mirroring” one of powerful tools of nonverbal communication
  • Give examples or research support from reliable source(s)
  • End topic sentence 2 or paragraph with transitional sentence

c.)Topic sentence 3: Non-verbal communication is highly unique and different from person to person and especially from one culture to another. Thus, understanding the role of nonverbal communication can help us to better relate and create good relationships with other in diverse places.

  • Discuss and give example how diverse places or cultures differ in their nonverbal communication or expression of emotions.
  • Explain paralanguage and its role in nonverbal communication
  • Give supporting examples or evidence
  • End paragraph with transitional sentence


Summary of your main point and reiterate thesis statement.

“So what”: The role of nonverbal communication is important in an effective communication for it relays the majority of our messages and helps us to express feelings and other essential information. Therefore, nonverbal communication is one of the powerful tools in communication and when used appropriately it can work to our advantage.

***BUT!! Here’s my feedback:

You are tackling a lot within this outline; your writing and research will go more smoothly if you can narrow what you really want to discuss. Remember the essay prompt is “What is effective communication”, so you’ll want to DEFINE that within the context of your topic, non verbal communication. If it helps, think of it as a “how to” guide for those who want to improve their communication nonverbally. In other words, you’ll want to eliminate quite a bit of what you currently have, and clarify the definition and “how to”.

and also, maybe thinking about pinpointing exact scenarios or people that nonverbal communication helps will get you a thesis that is pretty solid.

* Please help or suggest a better revised outline for this research plus I need help to write this! ( Might post another q&a) for entire essay. lol

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