resume development assignment responses to qualifications in a posting

You need to have enough content for your resume. This assignment will help you associate specific memories about your skills and experiences directly to the list of qualifications taken from a posting. When you’re finished with this assignment, you should have a substantial two-column table listing qualifications for a job in the left column, and specific examples of how your skills and experiences match those qualifications in the right column. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Access either a printed or an electronic version of a posting for a job/internship that you’re interested in.
  2. Read and highlight the most important qualifications or responsibilities for the position listed in the job posting (using a highlighter).Tip: Take your time here, and highlight a lot of material . . . and don’t restrict yourself just to job experience (volunteer, school, etc.).
  3. Open a copy of the Resume Development: Responses to Qualifications Form (on Blackboard), and write or copy/paste each phrase of the posting that you highlighted into the left column on the form.
  4. Brainstorm about each phrase in that left column, trying to remember any specific or concrete experience you have had that matches those highlighted phrases from the posting.
  5. Copy the memories you discovered when you brainstormed about the qualifications listed on each row into the right column associated with each phrase from the posting.

Note that you may have several pages.Here’s a general job description; you’ll find a sample below to get you started. You will then turn a hardcopy of the form in to me in class.

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