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I think that court diversion is a program that helps young people in adults take responsibility for their unlawful actions while keeping them out of the formal court system. Potentially having a criminal record, the court diversion process which follows a restorative justice approach deters future illegal behavior. Encourages effective accountability by active accountability we mean that participants help decide, how they will repair the harm, they’ve done through this process people can learn from the experience and are less likely to get into trouble again with the law.

For an example of a diversion-oriented model is the restorative justice program in which there are provisions made for discussing issues and resolving them mutually by the family members of the victims and the offenders (National Institute of Justice, 2015). There can be opportunities to discuss issues online via group conferencing facilities offered by the courts (National Institute of Justice, 2015).

In fact, court diversion is useful over 80% of people who complete the program don’t offend Saturnia conducts a screening process to decide whether to refer someone to distraction. It’s a voluntary program, so the person who referred decides whether to participate considering the benefits of the program. Why should you choose court diversion a key benefit of court diversion is that after successful completion, a person doesn’t have a criminal conviction record, if someone has found guilty of charges in criminal court, his or her criminal record may limit the ability to get specific jobs student loans public housing or to travel outside the US, and not having a file is a significant benefit. Another benefit is that when the offender discusses with community members, the incident that led to the charge, he or she helps decide. How to make things right to people who were involved in determining. How to repair the harm are usually more committed to following through with their diversion contract often diversion participants in connection with the resource in the community and create a lasting and supportive relationship.

Then the accountability of such offenders will be held by the courts (National Institute of Justice, 2015).

The punitive or punishment-oriented system implies that incarceration or any physical torture and pain experienced by an offender can be sufficient to ensure that criminal behavior can be deterred (Huizinga et al. 2003).

The court diversion has helped to support people in becoming a law-abiding member of the community.

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