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Student paper down below:

Prison Privatization are prison that are privately owned by private companies that are contracts with the government. Prison privatization is federal governments contracts third party firm to incarcerate and manage. Prisoners . Private companies earn revenue base on how many inmates that are in the prison facilities. Private prisons have no incentive to rehabilitate prisoners. They can be leverage pricing controls for resource with greater flexibility. Also, private companies can lower the rate of re-offending up to 50% in some regions. Private prisons have been set in place with modern US criminal justice system since 1984. The private facilities are potentially cheaper for taxpayers and the

Recidivism Impact: The impact of the privatization provides rehabilitative service that helps inmate go into society productively and curb recidivism to create a stipulation in contracts. The fees would need to be tied to impact and measured outcome of incarceration ( kincade ,2018) Private prisons have more advantage than public prisons because it’s not funded by state and federal private prisons rely on repeat offenders to keep their business going (Wells, M 2017)

Impact private prisons have on inmate’s rights.

The Supreme Court approved the private prison companies that operate federal facilities can’t be sued by inmate for constitutional violation. Inmates don’t have proper protection from the law. The issues that inmates are not able to visit with their family due to the inmates that are prisoner far away from their families. That inmates are locked up in their cell for 22 hours before they are allowing to go outside for recreations. Many inmates’ civil rights are being violation by government supervisors. The private prison don’t provide the best medical care for the inmates that are in prison.

I do agree that profit prisons have no place in a democratic society because non-profit prisons are overcrowded inmates. Most prison don’t offer education, rehabilitation housing for inmates to better themselves. The private prison is basically main certain how many inmates they can profit, its business to expand their earning revenue .


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