Response 4 Re: Topic 2 DQ 2

Re: Topic 2 DQ 2In my worldview, human life is such a precious gift from God, the Creator of universe inclusive of the human beings. My worldview closely resembles the Christian worldview, that all humans have value, and should be treated equally because they were made by God and in his likeness (White, 2020). As well, from my view point, any successful society must be have and be guided by ethical principles which provide for healthy moral values for one another. I believe that the decisions made concerning bioethical issues are relative. Carrying out an abortion is relative but under the observation of qualified and genuine care providers. In cases where the lives, of both the mother and the child, are in danger the care provider may advise for an abortion. In situation of getting reed of unwanted pregnancy, I consider that as murder. Again, I consider creating designer babies as unethical and ungodly in cases where the intention is to exclude some genes which are not harmful and it is also helpful in cases where the doctors need to remove diseases associated genes. With the issue of stem cell research, I believe it is good since it provides a solution for the treatment of diseases such as diabetes (Shin, 2017).Yet, as a nurse who works with patients with different worldviews, my role is to respect each person and support them in their decisions. As nurses, we must remain unbiased and guide our patients to make the right choices for them. We educate them and walk with them through the journey of care without making any judgments. Doing so means that I am respectful of all people and their opinions, beliefs, and practices.ReferencesShin, H. I. (2017). Social values and decision making on bioethical issues. The Korean Journal Of Culture And Social Issues, 23(1), 1., N., (2020). God, Humanity, and Human Dignity. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.). Practicing Dignity: An Introduction to Christian Values and Decision Making in Health Care. add a line or 2 from the assigned material below, maybe 1 other source. Thank you.

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