responding to my classmates discussion on the culture of plastics

Peer Response Guidelines:

Respond to the initial posts of at least two peers who selected different concepts than you chose. Assess how well each peer defined the concept and analyzed the concept within the scene.

1.)Did you see the concept represented differently?

2.)Do your peers’ interpretations and analyses deepen your understanding of the concepts and interaction in the movie?

Remember, it is OK to disagree with your peers as long as you do so kindly and with specific points.

Classmate #1 Alex

In the movie Mean Girls, a clip is studied. This clip shows four anthropological Concepts. One concept, Ethnocentrism is present in the clip. Ethnocentrism is when one thinks that their norms and ways of acting are superior to those of others. This concept is present when it is referenced that the group known as the plastics, if jeans are worn on any other day than you would sit with the art freaks only wears jeans on Fridays. This is present with the tone used by the character in the movie and the actions of those who are referenced. The movie portrays the actions of the art freaks as not normal or not superior to that of the plastics.

Classmate #2 Karen

Assimilation, is the first of the anthropological concepts that jump out at me, assimilation occurs when people take on new aspects of a culture while shedding their previous culture (MindEdge, Inc., 2016, 2.08). Cady (Lindsey Lohan) is explaining that the “girl world” operates on its own set of rules, Gretchen so willingly lists the rules and if you do not fallow such rules and then you can not be a part of the group, this also leads into the Political System of high school.
As Gretchen explains the rules (norms) of their group which has help hold their superiority over every other group in high school. She also talks about what happens if you break the rules and how you would be outcasted to the art kids mocking them as if they are not in the same level equality as the Plastics are. While the rules apply to everyone in the group, Gretchen’s main point with all of the rules is if you want to be on top then fallow the rules, and except the new norms.

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