RESPOND IN 300 WORDS:To reduce fuel consumption and the related effects of gas combustion on the environment, some car manufacturing companies have delved into hybrid cars. While its assembly follows that of other standard vehicles, a hybrid is built with a system that allows the automobile to switch between an electric motor and a gas engine as energy sources. The car has a battery that stores electric power that drives it until it depletes, depending on the distance covered before the gas engine automatically takes over (Upadhyaya & Dua, 2019). We recognize the importance of fuel economy, the need to conserve our environment, the essence of comfort and performance. That is why we have taken a lot of consideration in making a new model of hybrid cars. Our Super hybrid model is built in the same way but with more performance, exquisite interiors, and exteriors. It also features advanced safety measures using the latest technologies and is more pocket-friendly for our customers than the plug-in hybrids currently in the market.The super hybrid model ensures that the battery is charged while the car is moving when braking, unlike the plug-in hybrid that must be plugged in and charged for long hours. Our choice to manufacture a super hybrid instead of the plug-in hybrid was based on the need to reduce carb emissions and ensure fuel economy while keeping our customers on the move without stopping to charge any batteries. Our model is lighter because of the relatively small batteries, thus aiding in handling the vehicle. Unlike most plug-in hybrids in the market, our model utilises the Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) that makes it fuel-efficient and smoothly combines the mechanics of the fuel engine and the electric motor to drive the car.Launching Hybrid Car in the Selected Target MarketIdentifying the target market for electric vehicles or hybrids has been made a little easier by increasing knowledge about eco-friendliness in automobiles. For example, Samuel(2021) has revealed that the electric vehicle industry has made great leaps, realising an up to 160 percent increase in car sales in 2021 when 3 million units of automobiles were sold. It is suggested that a proper marketing strategy should target the environmentally conscious, technological-oriented, and less flexible environmental segments when introducing hybrids into the markets (Samuel, 2021). Like most other advanced innovations, electric vehicles are relatively expensive and cut out the majority of those who would like to have them due to financial reasons. However, the numbers are likely to increase if the right segments are targeted. The environmentally conscious customers are concerned about the well-being of the environment and are willing to alter their lifestyles to favour that conviction. This segment believes that climate change and pollution from emissions constitute the real threats to the environment. The technologically oriented group includes the techno-savvy majority with a knack for the latest technology as well as a desire to be associated with new innovations.The less flexible environmental group constitutes people who are unwilling to change or adapt despite awareness of environmental factors. This group is unwilling to change their lifestyles. Unlike the general target of electric cars, the last segment will likely be attracted to the super hybrid model because it comes with insignificant life changes. All the segments mentioned belong to the high-income groups in the US with an annual income of more than $ 100,000 (Samuel, 2021). This insight means that the upper social class will be the main target through advertisements and communication.The activities That Will Be Conducted to Build the Image of the BrandThe super Hybrid brand will have an incredible online presence through various social media platforms. It will also build its brand through liaison with top media houses for visibility. The main activities that will be taken to promote this brand will include creating social media platforms, test drives, advertisements, and other promotional initiatives. Platforms such as websites, blogs, YouTube videos, and Meta pages will be the significant sources of information about this model. The marketing trend of cars has shifted to online platforms in recent years because that is where millions of people are found. Samuel (2021) observed that 38 percent of millennials (30-39 years) are highly likely to purchase electric vehicles after reading about them online. The marketing of the Super Hybrid model will include visual content online for target audiences to stream and learn about this particular car.The brand will also offer test drives for prospective buyers to come and experience the feel of the car and discover on their own. There will be periodic calls for signup forms online where people will be directed on what to fill and later report to testing fields. There, they will drive the car with instructors and feel its difference from other vehicles. The test drives will make it easier for people to decide if they like the car or not. Other promotional messages will focus on the experience and comfort of the car. Promotional information will cut across some of the mentioned activities and emphasise aspects like ambiance or silence of the Super Hybrid, the auto-packing capability, the gear, and much more concerning the car. Such information will provide a clearer understanding of the target market and drive sales.ReferencesKiser, J., & Essery, M. (2017). Is There a Target Market for Electric Vehicles? [Ebook] (pp. 1-8). IPSOS., H., Wurm, T., & Busse, A. (2019). The Lightweight Forging Initiative – Phase III: Lightweight Forging Design for Hybrid Cars and Heavy-duty Trucks. ATZ Worldwide, 121(4), 54-59. (2021). Target Market of Electric Cars- And Marketing Strategy. How I Got The Job., A., & Dua, S. (2019). Consumer awareness and perception towards hybrid cars. JIMS8M: The Journal Of Indian Management & Strategy, 24(3), 46. IN 300 WORDS:

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