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1. Combating Terrorism is the topic I choose for this weeks writing assignment. Counter terrorism is a large part of combating terrorism drones are often utilized in taking out high priority terrorist. My question this week is do you think we should send soldiers after these terrorist to lessen the civilian casualties or should we continue using drones to eliminate them?

2. If 9/11 would not have taken place, do you think that the Home Land Security be as it is today? Why or why not?

3. Do you think police use of excessive force is a problem in your state?

Absolutely, California police kill more people at a rate of 37% higher than the national average.

What evidence do you have to support this?

According to the ACLU police in the state of California killed 172 people in 2017. More than two-thirds of whom were people of color.

What are some newer approaches that police departments are taking to ensure their officers do not abuse their power and violate citizens rights.

The Governor of California signed the “Stephon Clarks’ Law” setting new rules on police use of force. Stephan Clark was a 22 year old who was shot 20 times by two police officers from the Sacramento police department in the back of his grandmothers home while he had a cell phone in his hand on March 18, 2018. The new law which goes into effect in January 2019 states the language will require that law enforcement use deadly force only when necessary instead of the current wording “when reasonable” the new law also prohibits shooting at a fleeing felons.

Which do you think is the most effective?

Using deadly force only when necessary is effective in saving lives of course and police are only supposed to shoot at fleeing felons when there is a danger to innocent people and hopefully an officer would only shoot to stop the felon from running. This new law states that an officer can not fire at all towards a fleeing felon.

4. I live in Florida but South Florida to be exact. I watch the news on a regular, and I haven’t anything about police brutality on a significant scale where I would say it’s a problem. I have known people of all race that have lived in Broward County for years and have never experienced such things. While at work, I had asked a co-worker who is a Miami native if she has ever heard or known anybody who experiences police brutality? She said, No. I decided to google search, and yes, I did find a few incidents were people claim police brutality, but that was it. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen. I think it’s not a significant problem like in other states. Do I believe excessive force is a problem for our country? Yes. At no point should a police officer kill an unarmed man, I don’t care, whether the person is BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, BLUE or PURPLE it is wrong! The evidence is the dead bodies buried, countless protest, and police reform debates, and the evidence is all around us day today.
I do believe cities all across America are tired of attending court over the same topic. Departments are trying to change the outcome of police and citizen interactions. Departments are now using Body camera and implementing “use of force” standards. Police should always have their camera on and recording whenever they interact with citizens. The department should make sure that they are following the new rule whenever they make an arrest to protect the city from possible embarrassment and a potential lawsuit.

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