respect writer 24

Read each publication carefully, taking note of which argument you feel is more successful. 




Present an analysis on the structure of the author’s argument in each article, proving why one argument is stronger than the other. Do not challenge the topic the author has discussed. Consider aspects such as the evidence, argument, and tone used by the authors. As this is an argumentative essay, the goal of your writing should be to persuade your audience to agree with your position.




The purpose of this essay is to make a claim and support it with evidence from the essays and outside research. You are attempting to prove something while at the same time attempting to persuade your reader to hold your position. Remember that claims without support are just opinion, so extensive support will be necessary.




  • 4 Double Spaced Pages
  • MLA Style with Proper Heading
  • 3 Academic Sources (Parenthetical References Required)
  • Times New Roman Font
  • 12pt Font Size
  • 1” Margins



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