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Scheduling and Gantt Chart:

Prepare a 800-word minimum paper (excluding title page and references), that addresses the following:

  • Explain the relationship between short-term scheduling, capacity planning, aggregate planning, and a master schedule.
  • Contrast the methods and techniques for creating a schedule and the circumstances under which each is best suited for application.
  • Create a load or scheduling Gantt chart. As an operations or project manager, building Gantt charts is a valuable skill. For this assignment, you will be building a basic load or scheduling Gantt chart created in Microsoft Excel with a narrative explaining the data points. It is important that you select an event or process with several elements associated with it. For this assignment, there should be a minimum of 20 elements and preferably more. The event or process should be of a professional service or production/manufacturing nature. The Gantt chart will be submitted in Microsoft Excel and will include a workbook and bar chart. The narrative in this section of your paper will explain the Gantt Chart. For help in preparing this Gantt Chart, feel free to refer to Microsoft Office’s resources on the Web and other Gannt Chart Web resources such as:

Manufacturing Topic: Apple products (electronics)

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