research report on two theories

Select two of the following three theories:

• Attachment theory

• Brain Development Theory

• Sociocultural Theory (Vygotsky)

Your report will draw from content learned from your readings Infant and toddlers curriculum and teaching 8th edition. (Swim, 2017) and the following items will be included in your Theories of Development Report:

• Provide an overview of each theory (1 page for each theory)

• Discuss in detail how each of the theories impacts the care and education of infants and toddlers in child care settings (1 – 1 ½ pages for each theory) For each theory, include the role of the caregiver and the specific approach to working with young children highlighted by the particular theory.

• Compare and contrast each theory in your paper – how are the two theories you’ve selected the same and in what ways do they differ (1 pages)

• To support your work, provide an abstract, bibliography, and references using APA format.

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