research report and presentation

ERP system implementation. Strategies, frameworks to be analysed!

Strategy to be adopted in implementing an ERP system in an organisation

Improve the system in terms of resources (human), hardware, reporting to customised as per company requirements, Functionality of the system at it’s full capacity.


Aim and objectives 

Scope of the study 

Literature review



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an enterprise-wise information system software designed to regroup all resources, information and activities needed to complete business processes and measure performance under the same platform. An ERP system covers most core business functions including finance, accounting, sales, operations management, purchasing and human resource management. The ERP implementation consists of six stages, the requirements, design, build and test, deploy, operate and optimise. For the ERP system to be successful, the right information has to be input. The objectives of this paper are to analyse the critical factors in implementing the system and the strategies to be adopted for successful implementation of the project. The methodology is a mix of literature review, market studies in the manufacturing organisation and details questionnaire survey. It is found that ERP system is very important in a manufacturing organisation and companies in Mauritius are looking for the valuable lessons learned and benefits of such system. The main reason is that ERP system needs a huge investment in time, money and resources. However when implemented, ERP system can be a powerful tool for business improvement and sustainability. The study will focus on the barriers in implementing the ERP system in manufacturing organisations.

  1. Research      approach and design
  2. Data      collection
  3. Data      Analysis
  4. Summarises and provides the final      conclusions and recommendations.
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