research project 57

Part 1: Research Project Abstract & Bibliography

Prepare a document in that consists of your current Abstract and Bibliography and post it here in PDF format for my review and grading.

Make sure that

1. Your abstract follows appropriate conventions. Read the online guidelines provided before writing and posting your abstract.

2. Your bibliography follows IEEE documentation conventions. Read the 2 documents posted at Matt Torrence’s site before writing and posting your bibliography.

(Links to an external site.)

Links to an external site.

3. You include, in your Bibliography, the 4 articles found from engineering research databases as part of a Discussion exercise assigned for this week.

4. You have incorporated the best recommendations and advice from your fellow students posted in this week’s peer review followup assignments.

5. You post your Abstract and Bibliography to this Assignment area as a single PDF document. Your Abstract should precede your Bibliography when you format the document.

Remember, your Abstract and Bibliography are works-in-progress and do not need to be your final version. You can conduct more research after this Discussion post and you may find that you need to revise your Abstract based upon the additional work that you’ve completed. However, your work posted here must follow typical conventions for engineering abstracts and adhere to IEEE documentation format for bibliographies.

Part 2: Research Project Progress Report #1

The nature and goals of this assignment are similar to the progress report we completed earlier in this class. For this report, of course, you are updating your readers on the status of your final project.

Here are some additional resources that will help you understand the format and conventions of a progress report:

Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (John A. Dutton e-Education Institute)

(Links to an external site.)

Links to an external site.

Progress Reports (Penn State Engineering)

(Links to an external site.)

Links to an external site.

——————————————————-Here is the text of our assignment ————————————————————-


The Progress Report which describes your engineering and research activities is one of the most important documents an engineer has to write. For ENC 3246 students, your report will demonstrate to the instructor your progress on an upcoming assignment. You also will learn how to write Progress Reports in the real world.

Your Progress Report should contain at least the following headings:

SUMMARY/PROJECT DESCRIPTION – A short description of your project and a summary of the overall project goal.

GANTT CHART – A complete, accurate, and visually-appealing Gantt chart describing the due dates and various phases of your project.

WORK COMPLETED – A short description of the progress you have made during the previous week. Make sure that you are accurate and honest about the work accomplished. An experienced Progress Report reader can tell if you are overstating or misrepresenting your completed work.

ISSUES OR PROBLEMS – A description of any problems or issues you have had during the past week and a plan to address or resolve these issues. Be sure to discuss how any problems have impacted the project.

WORK REMAINING/PLAN FOR THE COMING WEEK – A short description of the remaining work and your plan for the coming week.

CHANGES – A description of any changes in specifications, resources or schedules which are likely to affect your progress.

OTHER INFORMATION – Any information not elsewhere classified in this report.

Your Class Project Progress Reports

The primary goal of your class project reports will be to inform your instructor of the nature of your project, the amount of work you’ve already accomplished, the amount of work you have left to do, and your overall comfort level about meeting the assignment deadline. Your instructor will use your report to determine if you are making sufficient progress and if you need additional direction or help.

Your best example of an effective progress report for this assignment is Case Document 9-3 on pages 258 – 264 of The Essentials of Technical Communication by Tebeaux and Dragga. However, make sure that you include at least the particular progress report headings mentioned earlier in this assignment.

Progress Reports in the Workplace

As a young engineer, you will find writing these reports difficulty and inconvenient. As a Senior Engineer you will learn that these documents are vital for maintaining effective engineering management of a project. It is to your professional advantage to keep project management informed of your progress and especially of your failures and difficulties.

Your reports will be used by senior engineering management for the purposes of allocating scarce resources, updating interface specifications and – most of all – identifying at an early stage any problems requiring additional attention. Good managing engineers want to see your failures and problems at the top of the list because bad news, if hidden or not disclosed, can defeat an engineering project. Good news always reaches managers and normally doesn’t require their immediate attention or action.

In addition to providing a tool for engineering management oversight, your weekly Progress Reports will serve as a record of your achievement for your annual personnel review. If you are a competent engineer, then you will be able to bring this record of your year’s work to your review meeting and discuss with your supervisor in tangible terms how you met his/her/the company’s objectives and why you have earned an increase in compensation or why you deserve a promotion.

The quality and accuracy of your weekly Progress Reports will be primary factors in building your engineering reputation. Both your career and your financial success will depend on your ability to be an effective engineer and author. Your Progress Reports are your advertising and your record of achievement.

Assignment Details


There are no specific guidelines for document length, as some projects will need to be longer than others. Just make sure that you follow the guidelines for document format that we’ve looked at in our text and on the Web.


This assignment must be posted to Canvas’s Assignment area for this specific assignment. Be sure to post your work in PDF format.

Late papers will not be accepted.

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