research paper on the rock crystal ewer

Research Paper on the Rock Crystal Ewer, ca. 975-996, San Marco, Venice

  • Did a particular artistic medium flourish more in certain areas of the Islamic world than in others?
  • Were there major figures that had an important role to play as patrons of a particular art form? How extensive was their involvement in the commissioning and production of art works?
  • Consider the stylistic features as revealed in specific examples of a given art. What are the most striking characteristics of form and decoration in them? What materials and colors are used most commonly in the pieces you have surveyed? Did the design and decoration of certain kinds of objects change over time, and how did they change?
  • What do we know of major artists who practiced a given craft? How important were they in the development of an art form? Where this is relevant to the scope societies produced various kinds of objects? In other words, are there regional styles at work here, as there is in architecture?
  1. Include images which reference the body of text
  2. Appropriate footnotes wherever you include factual information you have gotten from a specific source
  3. A bibliography of all sources you have consulted. The bibliography should include at least 5 sources.
  4. Paper text should be 5-6 pages long (not including the images), 12 pt font, and double spaced
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