research paper 858

“How industrial revolution 4.0 especially the development of artificial intelligence (AI) will affect the economy of Vietnam and labor force?”


  • Research paper, excluding abstract and bibliography, to be approximately 1,100 words – no less than 1,000 words and no more than 1,200 words.
  • Do not provide political analysis.
  • Use of third-person format is required. (No “I” or “you”).

it is your responsibility to ensure that your topic meets the criteria for analysis of Labor Economics. Background information should be minimal; definitions are not to be included. Your paper should explain, in dollars, not percentages, what profits/losses occurred related to your topic, what happened economically because of your topic, what your topic would contribute to the U.S. and/or regional economies. Suggested: your topic’s effect plus or minus on each affected city/county/state, labor costs, employment rate, etc.

Your paper’s focus must be your topic and its positive and/or negative labor impact expressed in dollars or a country’s currency. Once again, the total focus of your paper must be quantitative analysis (currency) and not a qualitative presentation of your topic.

NOTE: Expressing comparisons as a percentage is ambiguous without a base value because the amount of change can be greater with a small percentage change versus a very large percentage change. Example:

  • If a country’s GDP increase 500% but the GDP base value is only 100, their GDP is 500.
  • If a country’s GDP increases 4% but the base value is 1 million, their GDP is 1,040,000.
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