Research paper

InstructionsFor this assignment, you will complete a research paper on a topic of your choice and you will work with a research group.You are the researcher who conducted this study!Once you have completed your study you will need to analyze data and write a lab report (I think it will end up being around 7- 10 pages – this page count does not include the title page or references) in APA style consisting of the following sections:Title PageAbstractIntroductionMethodResultsDiscussionReferences(More information on each section is located below)You will write the report as the researcher conducting the experiment. You should try to use as much of your data as possible. Do not discard data unless there is a really good reason to do so.Careful attention must be paid to APA Style as it represents a significant portion of your grade for the paper and is an intended learning outcome for the course. At the end of the term, you will submit your completed paper to your assignment folder.Here is the grading rubric for the paper: RubricMain components on your research paperTitle page – Make sure that the main points of a title page are included.Abstract – This is a well written summary of your paper. A reader should be able to get a clear picture of your paper based on the abstract. Include everything from a quick introduction of the topic to a sentence that implies that you will discuss results and implications.Introduction – This is so much more than a summary of your paper and should not be treated that way. For this paper, your introduction should be 1.5-3 pages of double spaced writing. Start by introducing your topic in general. Then you should discuss research from relevant published studies. Most, if not all, of your 8 references from peer reviewed sources will be cited in this section. Discussing these studies are important as they help provide a rationale for your study. Give that rationale next. Finish by clearly stating your hypothesis.  Remember to paraphrase and summarize rather than using quotes.Methods – Split this section into participants, materials and procedures subsections. I think with all the sections this may approahc a page in lengthResults – Calculate your results as best as you can. Remember that your hypothesis drives your statistics. Think about what statistics you need to include to test your hypothesis. Write out all of your numbers even if you are including them in a table. Don’t forget to include a chart or table!since you are most likley going to end up fudging data yo have to focus less on the numbers and more on what the numbers you write down, mean and make sense.  For example, correlation cooefficients need to be between -1 and 1 and you should know the meaning of what a negative number and a positive number mean.You should know how a statistical test would get results.  For example, use a correlation coefficient for correlational studies and a p-value for things like a t-testIf you say something is significant then your fudged numbers should reflect that it is significant at whatever level of alpha you are assigning.Hard for me to say how long this would be but since it is just the facts ad not your interpretation of the facts, I wouldn’t expect more than a page in any caseDiscussion – This is the best section because it is finally time to talk about what YOU think. After restating your results, talk about what they mean. What are the implications of your findings? Why are they important?  After that, talk about the limitations to your study and give specific ideas for future research. I would expect 1.5 -3 pagesReferences – Don’t forget that your references (and all of your paper) need to be in APA format. You need at least 8 references from peer reviewed sources (e.g., journals).  ONLY use peer reviewed/scholarly sources.

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