Reply to my peers

Reply to my peersPeer 1Describe what specific resources or federal agencies that you will utilize to remain informed and current in public health trends and practicesOne good resource to use to keep up with the current public health trends can be found on the National Library of Medicine. On this website a person can research vital statistics or records, peer reviewed literature, and health statistics to name a few. Vital records are useful because they offer very detailed information and include information about rare disorders that end in death, (NLM, n.d.).  The peer reviewed literature is another item found on this website and the literature is reliable because these journals have been critiqued and edited by peers.  A few of the databases mentioned are the Medline, EBSCO and Embase. A person doing research can find literature through these databases.  For the health statistics, one can find numerical statistic or fact, such as prevalence rates, mortality rates, or other health indicators, (NLM, n.d.).While there are many other resources or websites this is another good start. [At present, the main federal unit with responsibility for public health is the United States Public Health Service in the Department of Health and Human Services. The second major unit is the Health Care Financing Administration, also in the Department of Health and Human Services], (IOM, 1988) . This is a great site to find information about the policies and laws that have been passed, or even about the different states and local health systems.ReferencesInstitute of Medicine (US) Committee for the Study of the Future of Public Health. The Future of Public Health. Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 1988. Appendix A, Summary of the Public Health System in the United States. Available from: Library of medicine. (n.d.).  Vital records. Library of medicine. (n.d.).  Finding health statistics exercises. 2As an Advanced Nurse Practitioner it will be important to stay informed about public health trends and practices in order to deliver the best care to patients.  One resource that will help me stay informed is becoming a member of the American Association of Nurse Pratitioners (AANP).  This membership comes with many benefits including access to scholarly journals and daily newsletters, ensuring members stay up to date with new developments in health are health care (AANP, n.d.).The CDC is another great resource for an ANP.  The agency offers resources for healthcare providers and for healthcare practices.  These clinical resources includes information on HIV, viral hepatitis, STDs and TB to help support clinicians deliver high quality care to patients affected by these diseases.  The agency also offers a subscription to health alerts and emergencies and guidance for quality measures.  The CDC has an email subscription, a newsletter, and a a twitter account that offers breaking news as it happens, making it easy and convenient for providers to access information.  (CDC, 2020)Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2020, August 18). Provider and Practice Resources. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. American Association of Nurse Practitioners. (n.d.).

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