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According to Information Technology experts, there is no clear definition for Web 2.0. Similar to other Information Technology concepts, the term has taken on a unique life. According to most people, the Web 2.0 era has been marked with a noticeable shift in how the internet is used. In simpler terms, it may be described as the motive towards a more interactive, collaborative, responsive, and social web. This era served as a change-maker in the web philosophy of both web developers and web companies. This marked a philosophical change in terms of a web-savvy society in general.

Web 2.0 marks the functioning of the society and additionally the internet as an existing technology form. In the initial stages of the web, the web was used as a tool. However, Web 2.0 signified an era where the internet was not just used as a tool, but the users were becoming a part of it.

With the massive amount of threats mounting on and pressuring governments and companies, it is essential to make sure that the organization’s software applications under utility are fully secure. Secure development entails working towards ensuring that the processes and code that progresses to the applications are fully secure. Secure development involves utilizing and making use of certain processes and approaches with the implementation of a Security Development Cycle (SDL) included, in addition, to secure coding itself. Through the integration of security practices in the lifecycle of software development, and the verification of the internally developed application security prior to deployment may aid in risk mitigation from the external and internal sources.

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