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Reply 1The health care system began from the local level and was provided to the general population. Understanding the health care system at the local level is very important while considering the implementation of evidence-based practice because it requires various resources like workforce, financial assistance, and collaboration with other stakeholders. When we implement EBP, it is crucial to have well-trained, skilled health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, and another multidisciplinary team to have an effective result. This is the long run, will assist in promoting the significance of using evidence-based practice. Another critical factor is understanding the culture of the healthcare system for planning and implementing EBP and understanding the leadership of the local health care system. In their study, Klein et al. (2017) discuss how important it was to understand their local healthcare system. The city council of Stockton attempted to combat childhood obesity by forcing restaurants serving children’s meals to serve water or low-fat milk as the default beverage rather than soda or chocolate milk. The public health agency also provides financial incentives to neighborhood retailers to sell vegetables from the region’s many farms.For my change project on patient safety, since it involves the transition of care from inpatient to outpatient and partial hospitalization programs, I would consider involving families, local communities, and other healthcare agencies. Because nurses like to get knowledge from their peers and via social contacts, having a core group in conjunction with change champions can aid with practice change implementation. A core group is a small group of practitioners who share the purpose of distributing knowledge about a practice change and assisting other unit members in making the change. Another critical factor to consider is that individuals do not abuse their freedom and violate established boundaries, particularly those that control people’s health, safety, and cultural beliefs.ReferenceKlein. S, Hosteller. M and McCarthy. D (2017), All Health Care Is Local, Revisited: What Does It Take to Improve. 23 postsRe: Topic 4 DQ 1Before implementing any changes locally based on Evidence-Based Practice (EBP), it is essential to consider what resources are available locally. Effective understanding of healthcare system at the local level is essential in planning the implementation of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) model for various reasons. Firstly, the implementation of EBP needs different resources at these levels. These include enough human capital and monetary funding. Skilled human capital is essential since it provides expertise and leadership necessary in implementing EBP (Warren et al., 2016). Implementing EBP requires skilled nurses, physicians, and other health providers as well as administrators and leaders that shall spearhead the process. Secondly, the structures and culture of healthcare system at the local levels plays an essential role in the promotion of EBP implementation successfully and effectively (Hellier & Cline, 2016). The culture of an institution that seeks implementation of the EBP is essential as it will impact the practice change to be implemented. The plan should also consider work environment and culture of individual nursing departments across the institution. Thirdly, studies indicate that the readiness of an organization leadership to execute evidence-based practice enhance the availability of other crucial resources (Yoo et al., 2016). Therefore, leadership and cultural norms in an organization are essential factors in determining the overall success of an EBP plan and its implementation.While many facilities in the local system have implemented different EBP initiatives, many providers like nurses do not feel they get adequate support from administrators and leaders in these facilities. Imperatively, based on anecdotal evidence, it is essential to involve local agencies and community in the change program since their participation promotes successful implementation of the project. After talking with my mentor, she brought up a few good points regarding my research. She mentioned that timing was important and that now is the time for promoting change program within our county. She had mentioned that the community provides resources ranging from human to financial and their involvement is critical to the overall success of the project. Secondly, I should consider the regulatory environment concerning the change project. The project should not breach existing legal statutes and regulations, particularly those on people’s health and safety as well as their culture, norms, values, and beliefs.References.Hellier, S., & Cline, T. (2016). Factors that affect nurse practitioners’ implementation of evidence‐based practice. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 28(11), 612-621.Warren, J. I., McLoughlin, M., Bardsley, J., Eich, J., Esche, C. A., Kropkowski, L., & Risch, S. (2016, February 1). The strengths and challenges of implementing EBP in healthcare systems. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 13, 15-24.Yoo, J. Y., Kim, J. H., Kim, J. S., Kim, H. L., & Ki, J. S. (2019). Clinical nurses’ beliefs, knowledge, organizational readiness, and level of implementation of evidence-based practice: The first step to creating an evidence-based

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