reorganizing a global company 1

Reorganizing a company can be very difficult and time consuming. It involves various resources including human interactions as well as monetary investments. Reorganization can deal with adding to present knowledge as well as utilizing and creating new methods and techniques. It can also involve changes in the communication flow and responsibilities.

With this in mind, create a 2-3 page analysis containing the following:

  1. Through an internet search, identify a multinational company and present its current organizational chart
  2. Select a method of reorganization and create the new organizational chart.
  3. Provide your rationale for the changes made including why it is efficient, how is this better financially and for human resources.

Your final assignment should be proofread for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Additional information:

Organizations are involved in many challenges ranging from global competition, economic dislocation, to even corporate downsizing. These challenges call for leaders and executives to evaluate and improve performance in the global environment. The survival of an organization is dependent upon the administration’s capability to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Organizations must take direct actions towards successful adaptation. The timing of this is crucial to maintain an organization structure that fits the environment. The administration will keep the organization at the center of the various action items needed to keep up with changing boundaries.

There are various ways that an organization can accomplish this. There are three views of organizational structure: the rational system, the natural system, and the open system.

Rational System

In a rational system perspective, the principal characteristic of organizations is to achieve specific and detailed solid goals. This system views organizations as “highly formalized” structures that are concentrated on achieving the goals.

Natural System

Organizations in the natural system are considered part of the social system. Natural systems are considered to be focused on the participant’s behavior and structure. In this type of organizations, both distinct and common interests are pursued by the members of the organization.

Open System

The third perspective, open, views the business as activities involving coalitions of members. These open systems are able to be self-maintained by utilizing the resources provided or gathered from the environment. The principal focus is on the resources that can be shared with the business environment (Scott, 2003).

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