religious discrimination 5

1) Introduction of the selected topic. Include: why (reasoning ) and when (date) was the selected EEOC discrimination topic included in Title 7 (include in-text citations from unbiased sources). Be very detailed

2 & 3) Court Case: Research a court case that has been brought forth by the plaintiff vs their employer. Please do not Google an article, you will need research a Court Case which includes past precedent case law included in the document. All court cases are based off of precedent and you will need to research the past cases to gain an understanding on why the judge ruled either for or against the employer. I have mentioned precedent several times during the lecture as Unemployment cases are based off of past court rulings. Please include in your written work the Court case reference and also the reference the previous cases (why they are important to your selected court ruling). Be very detailed, as mentioned in class, finding an article or abstract will not suffice, you need to find the court case and read the entire document. In-text past case citations need to be in proper format as legal documents have a very specific method on citing past court cases. Please include all reference court cases in the reference list in APA format

4) Conclusion which needs to incorporate Statistics; # of EEOC claims on the selected topic, # not pursued, how many cases were mediated, # of cases that went to court (include decisions), etc. Please include why there may have been a surge in the number of cases due to events that could have been a catalyst for the increased number of claims. This information can be found on the EEOC website however you need to be able to process the information and detail the results in your written work. In-text citations must be incorporated.

two page minimum requirement may not be feasible

papers that exceed the minimum requirement will not be penalized. Papers should be concisely written and while providing in-depth analysis of on the topic without containing “fluff” (lacking substance). Team presentations will be required for each topic with all members participating in the presentation.

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