Reflection: Health, stress & happiness

Requirements:Your reflection post needs to be at least 10 full sentences; there is no maximum limitYour post must be written in your own wordsIf you refer to a source such as an article, video, or a book, provide a link or other identifying information about the source. Sources are not required for this reflection post, but they might be relevant. If you refer to sources, use APA format citations.GRADING:10 points for selecting and responding to 2 of the 5 questions (you get the full points if your post is at least 10 sentences in total and your discussion is relevant to the topic; your opinions, ideas and experiences are not graded for “accuracy”)REFLECTION TOPIC:For this week’s assignment, select TWO of the questions listed below and respond to them in a single post. Label your responses with the letter associated with the questions you pick (A, B, C, D, E or F). You get 5 points for each question (up to 10 points). Your total response length must be at least 10 sentences.A) DAILY HASSLES VS. CATASTROPHES: Stress can be defined as a negative emotional state in response to events that we perceive as taxing our resources or our ability to cope. People typically perceive major catastrophic events as stressful, but daily hassles may even be a more significant source of stress. Do you agree with this? What are some of the current stressors in your life or in the life of someone else you know? How would you categorize them (catastrophe, significant life change, daily hassle, or something else)? How does your/their cognitive appraisal of the event make a difference in how you/they are handling the stressors?B) BEHAVIOR/PERSONALITY AND STRESS: How people behave and their personality are one of the mediating variables in stress. It has been suggested that Type A behaviors/personalities, who are hostile and competitive, may be at greater risk for heart disease, specifically due to their anger and hostility issues. Type B behaviors/personalities tend to be more easy-going, laid back, and less vulnerable to stress-related illness. Based on your experience, do you agree with this personality difference in vulnerability to stress? Do you know people who might fit in the type A vs. B categories, and have you observed differences in their ability to handle stress?C) COPING WITH STRESS: Discuss coping with stress. Why do you think some people seem to handle massive life changes and multiple pressures without caving in? What are some moderating factors that you think buffer the effects of stress? How do you or people you know cope with stress?D) ILLNESS AND STRESS: Extended stress may result in a reduction in immune system functioning and is associated with illnesses. What kinds of illnesses do you think are affected by stress?  Find at least one source that suggest a link between some illness and stress (cite it as always). Have you or someone you know experienced physical problems due to stress?E) WHAT MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY? In your experience and opinion, what kinds of things make people happy? The textbook addresses various possible sources of happiness, and you can discuss those or come up with other sources. Feel free to discuss what specifically makes you happy if you wish.F) IS HAPPINESS ALWAYS A GOOD THING? Is it important to always strive for happiness, or do people need some worry and sadness in life? Is some dissatisfaction a good thing? Why or why not?

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