reaserch paper 3

The research paper is an 8-10 page research-based argument essay. We will develop specific, complex research questions, and your final paper will create a thesis that answers your question, developed by arguments and evidence from your sources, as well as your perspective.

The paper should include at least 6 diverse sources including, but not limited to: scholarly articles (at least 2), books, general periodicals, and web resources (no more than 2 websites). All sources must be reliable, relevant, and current.

  • 8-10 page paper, double-spaced, size 12 standard font, including page numbers and a unique, focused title
  • Focused Research Question and Thesis
  • In-text citations: (Author Page#).
  • Works Cited Page
  • outline
  • few sentence summary of the paper so it can be shared in class as a presentation

use the paper you helped with and compain it to the paper i gave you, and make it as one reaserch where you compain the two

clear introduction with strong thesis, make good transaction in the paper, the conclosion should be as good as the introdcution sumuraiing all the main points.

the paper is about diversity and what is it doing to the work place? go in depth and good luck

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