reading or watching response paper

For this second response paper (and please note there are just two, not three as originally indicated in the syllabus) you get to choose- read a journal article and write a response paper. Or watch a short film and write a response paper. In both cases your paper guidelines are similar to last time: read the article/watch the film and explain the social and economic significance, with an emphasis on economic analysis. In 2-3 pages (space and a half) you should:

  • briefly summarize the article
  • explain the economic issues in the article- what topics are addressed and what do they mean in terms of the article
  • your opinion of the topic and what it might mean for the future
  • anything else you wish to add

2-3 pages, due Thursday night

Men and women in economics have different opinions

Labour laws in 104 countries reserve some jobs for men only

Economists focus too little on what people really care about

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