read two article about beethoven and answer the question

Read Beethoven in america and answer the following question

1. Why does the author, Michael Broyles, start his introduction by telling the story about the woman named Lynn who attended the Beethoven convention in San José?

2. According to Broyles, “what [Beethoven’s] music stands for has never been fixed.” Why is this the case and what can we gain from investigating the changing meanings of Beethoven?

3. Describe how Beethoven’s status in the U.S.A. shifted around 1840.

4. Describe at least two ways that the nineteenth-century image of Beethoven was redefined or simply reshaped during the 20th century.

5. Why was Beethoven at the center of postmodern critiques of Western musical culture, and how did he survive those critiques?

and read Youth, Maturity, old age and answerthe following question

1. In Beethoven’s 1812 letter to the young girl, Emilie, he writes, “for only art and science can raise men to the level of gods.” How does Beethoven’s understanding of the role of the artist relate to Kantian idealism? (I recommend that you look up Immanuel Kant if you aren’t sure who he is.)

2. According to the author, Lewis Lockwood, the act of drawing connections between the life and works of a composer like Beethoven can be difficult and problematic. However, Lockwood also states that “despite all these problems, the theory of an absolute separation is self-defeating and will not hold.” Respond in two parts: First, explain some of the difficulties and problems, as identified by Lockwood, with making connections between a composer’s life and works. Then, explain why Lockwood suggests that, despite these problems, a composer’s life and works cannot be completely separated.

3. What are Beethoven’s sketchbooks, and why does Lockwood think they’re important for understanding Beethoven and his music?

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