read the text write a essay about how teachers inspire their student using their techniques


What technique do effective teachers use to make students interested in learning? ( what do teacher do to inspire and motivate their student)

Use example from the text provided below.

Consider the Techniques and practices in those texts.

Provide three body paragraph. Two of those must be based on examples from the text provided below. One of the three can be personal experience.

– Two specific techniques must be shown in each body paragraph.

Thesis must answer the question

Must include, explain and cite specific examples from at least two of the texts below.

When referencing the readings. use citation (author’s name + page or paragraph #)

Introduction has to include enough background info to make your ideas clear to reader who is not familiar with the story.

Please also include (and Label) (underline)the following structures:

-two adjective clauses

-two noun clauses

-two conditionals

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