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GENERAL INFORMATION AND DIRECTIONS. Below you will find specific guidelines for the essay:.

The essay should contain750-1000 words of standard edited written English, and you should provide the word count at the end of the essay, clarity, thoughts and expression are very important so it should be expressed clearly.

Do NOT do research online or in the library I will provide you with the required materials. you must paraphrase instead of copying passages from the lecture notes that I will provide you . The only allowable exception is for defining an essential term. Of course, if you do this, you must use quotation marks and identify the source (i.e. the files I will provide you with) in parentheses.


Unit 1:

Russia and the West Task:

Explain the geographic basis for the development of increasing Russian suspicion of and hostility toward the West (NATO and the US in particular) following the end of the Cold War.

Hints and Suggestions: I will provide you with the information you need via pdf.

1(3) The Geographic Legacy of the Cold War

1(5) Russia, the Near Abroad, and the West

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