read the article and answer the question 6

Article 1:

Article 2:

Article 3: The Only Lifeline was the WalMart (pdf)

Homework #2 (Total of 20 points)

  • In “Mylan Reputation at Stake in EpiPen Controversy” (Topic 3 Core Articles): (7pts.)
  • In the article, “Usage-Based Insurance and Telematics” (Topic 4 Core Articles): (8 pts.)
  • In “The Only Lifeline was the WalMart”, (See Topic 2 Core Articles) (5 pts)
    • How did WalMart plan to keep food from thawing and going bad if power was lost? (2 pts.)
    • What Risk Management goal did Walmart meet by having a storm response plan in effect? (2 points)
    • Walmart suffered damage and incurred costs due to Hurricane Katrina. What did it gain?(1 point)
  • How did Mylan explain the increase in the price of the EpiPen? (2points)
  • Is there evidence presented in the article as to whether Mylan is a company that highly values ethics? (3 points)
  • Is Mylan meeting its pre-loss and post-loss risk management goals in your view? Explain your answer. (2points)
  • What factors do traditional insurers consider to calculate auto insurance premiums? (2 pts.)
  • What factors do Telematics devices measure to calculate premiums? (2 points)
  • Overall, which factor is the most reliable in the view of the author to predict future auto accidents and losses for a driver? (2 points)
  • Can UBI be considered a loss control device? Why or Why not? (2 points)
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