I need some one to login and complete all of my quizes some are for 10 questions and some are 20 questions you will have until Sunday their are 10 quizes need to be completes. once you login and hit begin you have 60 mins for each quiz we are starting at week3 -6 for both courses. You will have to login and stay logged in until all the quizes are completed.DO NOT  ANSWER UNLESS YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT TAKING THEM I NEED SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!!!!PLEASE  WHEN YOU LOG IN YOU GO TO BOTH COURSES FIRST ONE IS SOCIAL INFLUENCES CLICK ON GO TO CLASS ROOM THEN SCROLL DOWN UNTIL YOU SEE QUIZZES STARTING FROM WEEK 3-WEEK6 NEED COMPLETENEXT YOU WILL STAY LOGGED IN AND GO TO HOME AND COMPLETE THE SAME QUIZES FOR WRLD HISTORY FOLLOW THE SAME INSTRUCTIONS COMPLETE WEEK 3QUIZ-WEEK6

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