quiz iii

Complete Part I, then revise the sentences in Part II so that their verbs are in the active voice. Some sentences could contain more than one passive verb; correct them all, rewriting them when necessary. Please do not merely eliminate information that you find difficult to revise into active voice.



The bodies were discovered in the wreckage by several children as they were walking to school.



Several children discovered the bodies in the wreckage as they walked to school.


Remember, you need to find the agent—the person or thing that is performing the action expressed in the verb—and make it the subject of the sentence:

·       Do a global search for the words “was” and then “were.” These words often indicate the passive voice.

·       Cross out the “was” or the “were.”

·       Add -ed to the verb that follows “was” or “were.”

·       If that changed verb does not make grammatical sense, it is an irregular verb, so change it to the simple past tense.

·       Move  the active sentence’s direct object into the sentence’s subject  slot

·       Place the active sentence’s subject into a  phrase beginning with the preposition by

·       Add a form of the auxiliary verb be to the main verb and change the  main verb’s form

Please place a complete slug at the top left of your assignment.

Here is the quiz:

I. Explain the difference between the active and the passive voices; then write a sentence in the passive voice and rewrite the same sentence using in the active voice.


II. Rewrite all of the following sentences so they are in the active voice. Some sentences could contain more than one passive verb; correct them all. 

1. First prize was awarded to a student who was told by his teacher that he would never amount to anything.

2. Barack Obama is the first African-American president ever to be elected in the United States. He was re-elected for a second term after he served four years.

3. After a vote of “no confidence” was taken by the College Park City Council, the mayor was forced to resign from office.

4. The fans were stunned when tennis great Serena Williams, lauded for her strength and powerful serve, was unable to hit the ball over the net and lost the match.

5. Admired for his quick wit and quirky characters, comedian Robin Williams will be remembered for his role as an alien in the TV sitcom “Mork and Mindy.”

6. The professor’s wallet was turned in to campus police by a sophomore, who was given a reward for finding it. Later, the same student was accused of stealing the teacher’s money before the wallet was returned.

7. A landmark civil rights ruling was struck down yesterday by the U.S. Supreme Court.

8. Attorney General Eric Holder ordered an independent autopsy of Michael Brown, the unarmed black teen shot by a police officer.

9. Flooding of the 110-year-old Virginia Avenue tunnel is a sign that it needs to be rebuilt, but the community remains split.


10. A man found dead near a Dumpster in Springfield, Va., was stabbed, police said Tuesday.

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