questions on psychology of drug addiction

1. Should cognitive performance-enhancing drugs be used by healthy people? Why or why not? What could be the benefits/downsides/risks? You’ll see some Point/Counterpoint arguments on this topic in your textbook. Certainly, feel free to use those as a starting point, but be sure to bring something of your own to the discussion, substantiating your position. (MIN 200 WORDS)

2. Describe the acute and chronic effects of cocaine use.(MIN OF 150 WORDS)

3.Discuss the effects of opioid drugs on the mind and body.(MIN OF 150 WORDS)

4.Describe the short-term and long-term treatment strategies for heroin dependence.(MIN OF 150 WORDS)

5.Discuss the current patterns of methamphetamine abuse.(MIN OF 150 WORDS)



Levinthal, C. F. (06/2013). Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society, 8th Edition [VitalSource Bookshelf version]. Retrieved from…

any other reference of your choice

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