questions and answers 20

Read the questions carefully and answers them based on the readings and videos. 8 questions are following:

  • What are the differences between “claiming” and “receiving” an education, according to Adrienne Rich? What do you think has changed in higher education since Adrienne Rich gave her speech in 1977? What has remained the same?
  • What is Jessica Valenti’s definition of feminism? Is this different from what you thought about feminism before you began this course? What do you think about her definition? In addition, how does Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “We Should All Be Feminists” TedTalk expand, add to, or complicate your understanding of “feminism”?
  • According to Marilyn Frye in “Oppression and the Use of Definition,” what does it mean to be “oppressed”? Who is oppressed and in what ways, according to the argument?
  • What is Marilyn Frye’s “Metaphor of the Birdcage”? Explain the concept in depth and use at least 2 examples to help your explanation. In addition, how can the “birdcage” help us better understand women’s experiences within patriarchal US society?
  • According to Laura Bates, what is “everyday sexism”? Give at least 2 examples to help your explanation. In addition, do you see “everyday sexism” in your own life? Give at least one example from your life or someone you know’s life.
  • In “The Social Construction of Gender,” Judith Lorber argues that we are all constantly “doing gender.” What does this statement mean? In addition, name at least 5 ways you are have “done gender” or are currently “doing gender” today (be specific! Rather than saying “the way I dress,” be specific about what kind of clothing you are wearing and how that shows your presentation or performance of a specific gender).
  • Define “cisgender.”?
  • What is the difference between transgender and intersex? Use at least 2 readings or viewings in your response?

Readings: (see the attachments)

  • Adrienne Rich, “Claiming an Education”
  • Jessica Valenti, “You Are a Hardcore Feminist, I Swear”
  • Marilyn Frye, “Oppression”
  • Judith Lorber, “The Social Construction of Gender”
  • Leslie Feinberg, “We Are All Works in Progress”
  • Lois Gould, “Baby X”


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