qualitative research 5 1

As a researcher, it’s in your interest to develop an in-depth perspective of the daily living of inmates in prisons. To execute this investigation, you need to conduct qualitative interviews of inmates.

  • What could be the disadvantages & advantages of phone or in-person interviews?
  • Would a non-structured or structured interview be most favorable?
  • Is this study viable?
  • What would be the main limitations?
  • What are the ethical issues involved?
  • Would you be able to establish empathy with the inmates to reach quality data?

Write a paper, describing your plan for qualitative research, along with your responses to the above questions.

Your paper must be concise, well written, and should meet the following:

  • Length: 2-3 pages (not counting cover and references pages).
  • To support your statements, cite a minimum of 2 scholarly journal sources that are not provided or linked in this course.
    • APA Format
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