q c s on quot what would a rational criminal justice system look like quot

Link to “What Would a Rational Criminal Justice System Look Like?”

When it comes to secondary sources, we will notice over time that there is more than one kind. There are secondary sources that directly address the primary source. For instance, a scholarly or critical essay that addresses Frankenstein like the essays we read last week were directly about our primary source, Frankenstein. But there are other possible secondary sources, too. For instance, you might choose to write your essay about something science-related in Frankenstein. If you do this, then you might find it useful or interesting to do research on material that is related to science, rather than to the novel. This material would still count as a secondary source, provided it helps you support a part of your argument.

This Aeon essay addresses, linked here, (Links to an external site.) is based in a purely sociological concern: the contemporary criminal justice system. Nevertheless, if we read it carefully, we’ll see that this concern is related to a number of issues raised in the novel, Frankenstein. As you read, keep your thinking attuned for the connections that you find. Here’s another direct link, in case the embedded link has hiccups: https://aeon.co/ideas/what-would-a-rational-criminal-justice-system-look-like

Q/C’s: on “What Would a Rational Criminal Justice System Look Like”

Please note, this is the week that we transition to a new Q/C form. Instead of being required to write three, you only need to write one, either question or comment, whichever you choose. However, you do need to elaborate on it a bit more, and reference a specific passage from the text. This way, you will be able to focus better on the reading. For this week, I’d like you to address your q/c to a section in the Aeon essay that might be connected to Frankenstein in some way. Try to relate your q/c to the connection we are trying to draw in class between the essay and the novel. More specific requirements are listed below. Please review them carefully before you post:


  • You only need to do one Q/C now, NOT three, but each Q/C entry should be at least five sentences in length. This will give you the opportunity to develop what you’re thinking about in a more meaningful way.
  • Your entry should refer directly to a specific passage in the written work you’re discussing. So for instance for this batch, you’ll reference a passage from “What Would a Rational Criminal Justice System Look Like?” This reference should be made clearly and apparently to the reader–I would advice quoting directly, just to make it clear. This will help you focus your writing on specific issues/ideas within the require dreading, and it will help your classmates follow your thinking about the written material more clearly. (Later in the semester, when the Q/C is over a film or video, you will need to refer to a specific time stamp. So for instance if you are watching Night of the Living Dead, and you want to discuss the first sighting of the zombie in the cemetery scene, you will need to scroll to that moment in the film and cite the time marker as it appears in the viewer window.)
  • Just as before, you will also be required to respond to at least two of your classmates’ Q/C’s, engaging in a meaningful way with their ideas.
  • Questions and comments are graded credit/no credit and in order to receive credit, your Q/C’s need to reflect careful reading and thinking. Q/C’s that don’t demonstrate that you’ve done the reading will not receive credit. For instance, if you write, as a question, “Why did you have us read this?” or, “What other books did this author write?” or “What does the author want to say to us?” then you won’t receive credit. Be specific in your Q/C’s, referencing the reading/viewing material and engaging with it, and you’ll do fine. You also need to respond to two of your classmates’ Q/C’s. Finally, summary will not count for credit either. If you just explain what’s happening in the text, you won’t receive credit–you have to explain what you think about what’s happening in the text.
  • Failure to meet any of the Q/C’s requirements listed here will result in a zero.
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