You will also submit a 4-5 page paper reflecting on what you learned from this PhotoVoice assignment. This paper should also make clear and relevant connections to course readings, videos, essays, concepts, and theories. This paper is extremely important to your success, so please take it just as seriously as the project portion. In reading your paper, I hope to get a clear understanding of the ways in which you have applied the course concepts to your intersecting identities.Please be careful not to fall into the temptation of writing ONLY about your own discrimination in the paper. It is tempting for us to begin to write/talk about oppression when we are in the subordinate group. One of the main reasons I assign this paper is to provide each of you the opportunity to really reflect and think critically about how a system of oppression has given you advantages that are most often invisible to you. This is your chance to make them visible. So just remember to stay focused. Of course intersectional analysis via PhotoVoice will also include aspects of your identity that connect to systems of oppression.This paper should not be written in collaboration with anyone else.Please do not use references beyond that of the course text, readings, and module videos and essays provided in the course. You will not be going to find new journals articles or additional references. You are only required to do the thinking and writing about intersectionality in your own life and connect that with materials from the course.Please pay attention to all of the paper formatting (Times New Roman 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, double spaced). I give specific guidelines about font size and type and margins. I expect all of that to be followed in detail. Please note you will need a title page with your information. The title page does not count towards the minimum page requirementhttp://www.npr.org/2017/02/14/514578429/hookup-culture-the-unspoken-rules-of-sex-on-college-campuses

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