pursuing someone unworthy does not mean the end of loneliness 1

Pursuing someone unworthy does not mean the end of loneliness (Thesis). Please refrain from summarizing the story. 5 Pages paper

1st Paragraph: should talk about pursuing relationships with the wrong people will leave you lonely, and describe how Miranda “Sexy” is lonely so she pursues relationship with a married man.

2nd Paragraph: Dev being a married man, unfaithful she ends up lonely.

3rd Paragraph: Dexter in “Wiinter Dreams” pursues Judy who is unworthy, therefore ends up lonely.

4th Paragraph: Because Dexter gave up Irene and tried going back with Judy he probably lost the one who could cure that loneliness.

5th: Miranda also could have had met someone who is worthy and could have cured that loneliness.

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