public relations news release

Write a thorough and well-written press release from the following facts.

Remember, you are the PR person for the NFIB, not the congresswoman. So this is written from the organization’s point of view.

The Facts:

Maryland State Rep. Constance Wei today joined with the states largest small business advocacy organization—the National Federation of Independent Businesses—in support of NFIB’s petition drive to abolish the Internal Revenue Service’s tax code. Wei is among a group of Republican House members sponsoring a resolution in Congress to sunset the entire IRS code as unfair and overly burdensome.

Wei called the IRS Code “an injustice to the hard working small business owners of my state.” She said that “Congress has tried to amend and simplify the tax code for years and it just hasn’t worked. The time has come to scrap the Tax Code and start from scratch.”

As a substitute, Wei suggests a flat tax or national sales tax. Experts say that such a tax would never raise the necessary revenue to run the U.S. government. At a rally today in Annapolis, Maryland, Wei was joined by Andrew Santana, President of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), GOP members of the state’s congressional delegation, other state lawmakers, and small business owners.

Last month, NFIB launched a national petition drive to sunset the IRS code and replace it was a simpler, fairer code that rewards work and saving. NFIBs goal is to present one million signatures to Congress by July 4. The group is calling the petition drive “tax independence day.” So far, 433 people have signed the petition.

“Small business owners are overwhelmed by a tax code that is complex, confusing and disproportionately biased against people who run small businesses,” said Santana, president of NFIB. “How can anyone understand a tax code that contains 7 million words and forces people to spend millions of hours trying to comply?”

Alan Wilke, State Director of NFIB, commended Wei for her support of NFIBs petition drive. “The fight to dump the tax code isn’t restricted to the halls of Congress. We’ll only win this fight because of the dedication of small business owners and the hard work and leadership of Wei and other pro-business members of our state legislatures,” Wilke said.

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