Psychology Essay

Instructions:  Write in specific, thorough details being sure to relate your story with information you learned throughout this course.How I Can Apply Psychology to My Future Life-1. How can the information you have learned in this class play a role in your future life.2. Describe how this new knowledge could be applied to your role or future role as a parent.3. How could this information be applied in your career choice? Teaching4. How could this information be applied to your personal relationships?5. How could the information help you with self-acceptance?Then, conclude your paper by considering the following:3. How This Course Has Changed Me- You will be using specific information from the textbook, videos, or other elements of the course for this section.1. How has the information you learned in this class changed you?2. How has your viewpoint on certain subjects changed? Which subjects specifically did your viewpoint change?  How is it different now?  What materials (videos, articles, textbook subjects, and class discussions) helped you make the change or changes?3. How has the information made you reassess different aspects of your life?4. How has it changed how you relate to others?Be sure to use in-text citations for those concepts from the textbook such as (King, 2019, p. 332).  Note:  For information on how to correctly do in-text citations and listings on the References page, see the website -Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) – APA style.   (Links to an external site.)All papers are submitted through the Turnitin software to check for possible plagiarism.• Formatting: APA style• Font – Times New Roman, 12 pt.• APA format (1 inch margins, double-spacing, indention of paragraphs)Lay-out of Paper• Title Page• Content – Minimum of 4 to 5 pages in length (Content does not include title page and references page.)• In-text citations in APA style (see the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)• References page where your resources are listed in APA style.

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