According to Maslow’s Humanistic perspective on personality as people meet lower needs, they advance automatically to the next higher need. However, Maslow believed that it is possible to have esteem needs met and not reach the level of self-actualization. To be motivated by self-actualized needs and not reach the level of self-actualization. To be motivated by self-actualization needs, Maslow said, people must not only have their lower needs relatively well satisfied, but they must be free from psychopathology and be motivated by truth, beauty, justice, wholeness, and simplicity. People who reach self-actualization are in the process of becoming fully human and have healthy personalities. Many people self-actualize while others may not reach self-actualization.Do you agree or disagree with this theory of self-actualization and personality? Can an individual reach their full potential and not meet one or more of the needs?As the Hierarchy of Needs was designed several years ago and there have been changes in our wants and needs, what areas would you consider changing in this Hierarchy? Are there areas that should be included or taken out?

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