Stanford Prison Experiment. Link here to watch this classic experiment and answer the questions below. of these should work.  If this does not work for you , do a search in Google for the video and watch it where you can find it.  There are several places that have it.Cut and paste this link into your web broser to view the video if the link above is not working.  I am not sure why the link is  not working for some it is working properly andf the web address is correct.  I tried to set it to open up in a new window and might of messed with some certificates or something.  Nonetheless, copy and paste the link in a new window or tab and it will work it you cant link from this page.Post your answers to the following questions to  me in the submission section. Min 1 page total.1. Do you think that kids from an urban working class environment would have broken down emotionally in the same way as did our middle-class prisoners? Why? What about women?2. After the study, how do you think the prisoners and guards felt when they saw each other in the same civilian clothes again and saw their prison reconverted to a basement laboratory hallway?3. Was it ethical to do this study? Was it right to trade the suffering experienced by participants for the knowledge gained by the research?4. What prevented “good guards” from objecting or countermanding the orders from tough or bad guards?5. If you were a prisoner, would you have been able to endure the experience? What would you have done differently than those subjects did?

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