psci 100 02 world politics

Hello, I need three full pages or two pages and half exact (single spaced) no more or less please. Please follow the instruction and they are down below:

Political controversy is everywhere. Should abortion be legal? Should taxes be increased for the rich? Should murders be executed? Should more money be spent on the military budget? Should the minimum wage be increased? Should affirmative action programs be abolished? Should environmental regulations be made more stringent? Should same-sex marriages be permitted? Should the United States pay its back dues to the United Nations? The possible answers to these and contentious political questions go beyond a simple yes or no. With so many political issues and so many possible positions on each, discourse and debate on politics might seem hopelessly complicated. In fact, however, a person’s view on one political issue is not unrelated to his or her views on other political issues. This is because our views on individual issues often fit together in some kind of overall political view. We call this overall view a political ideology. An ideology helps us make sense of the political world. For your paper assignment, describing your personal beliefs (political ideology) in major areas of government and public issues. Are you liberal, conservative, populist, libertarian, or socialist? Why? Pay special attention to factors that helped you form these beliefs (socialization). The at least three pages paper should be typed in single line space (only paragraph space), narrow margins for all four sides, Times New Roman style with 12 font size, Left Align only, and no-cover page like below. The assignment will not be not accepted by email.

The Sample Format of Paper

PSCI 100-02, World Politic

October 3, 2019

Your Name

Written Assignment – My Political Ideology

When analyzing my complex political ideology, I would say that I can most accurately be categorized as a Pure Conservative. However, my beliefs are far too multifaceted to simply be embodied within a single word. From issue-to-issue my political beliefs do not fit perfectly within the boundary lines for being a Conservative. In molding my political beliefs, I have always looked to the Bible rather than to media coverage. In light of my Christian faith, I try to assess what is truly the “right thing to do” for every issue. In regard to social issues, I believe it is imperative that we uphold our nation’s traditional values, including patriotism and religious traditions. American citizens should feel blessed to live in such a safe and free country. Yet, when I think back to high school, I recall that most of the…….

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