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Main Que:For the discussion, note the major principles for the design of an ERM process that were discerned by Senior Management at Mars. From your reading of the case study report on how each of the principles was realized or not and why?

Fellow student responses

Sujitha—ERM at Mars

This case study demonstrates the development of ERM framework at Mars, Which was started 2003 through 2012, They embedded this framework into their existing business units and to new roles they are taking up. The initiative for the ERM process was raised due to challenging growth, earnings and cost targets.To kick off this ERM process firstly, they conducted survey from few managers and David who become the President of Mars in the 2003 to understand his views and risk to ERM. Later conducted the workshops in different business regions, In workshops the initial thought was to find known unknowns, European region workshop was success due to the meeting, one of the product launch was delayed as they identified risks in the new produce they call for one more risk session.

In 2004 Larry took up the development of ERM, The objective of ERM is a sustainable and proven framework to analyze business risks.

The major principles of senior managers were follows below.

  • Create value.
  • Leverage the company unique strengths
  • View risks as opportunity
  • Encourage alignment with accountability

The key aspects of program references to Started a new project where it will end up, Project should be privately held and decentralized which is not accessible to any one in the organization, Look for the risks to treat them better. These are the achievable goals of the ERM process.

As development going on continued the workshops on initiative and took the voting it ranges from 3 to 7. In one of the workshop held in Russia they identified two key points one is business units need ERM framework frequently and to enhance the program continuously..Finally generated a report to analyze the process of ERM framework.

Provide reply to above discussion in 150 words.

2.sri lakshmi

There were three segments of the suggestion that were generally welcomed, which we kept with minor modifications and increases. In the first place, our essential precepts for improvement still existed, yet we currently would do well to lucidity. Senior administration obviously looked for

  • A system to figure out what is really reachable by specialty units with regards to corporate execution goals
  • To improve arrangement and responsibility around the interest and execution of every specialty unit’s objectives and goals
  • To encourage a hazard talk mindset among specialty unit supervisory groups
  • A component that empowers supervisors to proficiently and serenely goes out on a limb so as to accomplish development objectives that surpass by and large advertising development

Unique statement of purpose remained “The target of ERM is to give the organization a demonstrated, the feasible system to proactively comprehend and manage complex business dangers, both substantial and elusive, existing and rising, over the whole association.” This announcement turned into the rule against which we assessed the improvement and development of the program.

Senior administration additionally concurred with the real standards for the plan of an ERM procedure:

•Create a Value.

•Leverage the organization’s special qualities.

•Work with existing authoritative structure.

•View chance as a chance.

•Encourage arrangement and responsibility.

While make worth appears glaringly evident, we didn’t have the foggiest idea where this would accept us as we started fabricating another program following our fruitless introductory endeavor. Be that as it may, we would be wise to lucidity in regards to senior administration’s perspective on what was required. Comprehension and addressing the necessities of senior administration gave the cornerstone to the improvement of our program. From the organization’s point of view, remarkable qualities implied secretly held and decentralized. Senior administration also made working inside a current authoritative structure similarly clear. They needed the ERM group to incorporate the ERM procedure with the yearly working arrangement without including any staff.

Provide reply to above discussion in 150 words

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