proposal introduction 1

In our last assignment (article review), you were asked to look at two articles. For this assignment write a research question and a reason why that particular question is important. For example, you might write a research question like:

Racial issues continue to be problem in American society. Charges of racism continued to be leveled our government and its various agencies at all levels. Are racial minorities treated differently by government agents than are Whites? If so, how are they treated differently and what are the consequences of different treatment? (this is the research question.

This question is important because Black Lives Matter, Charlottesville, Profiling, trust in our government, ideals of equality (I would expect a couple of paragraphs explain in good narrative form the various reasons)

When you are writing you must imagine your audience. Even though your audience is me for a grade, I don’t want you to think that way because it will block your writing. You should imagine that your audience is intelligent (at least as intelligent as yourself), but know absolutely nothing about your topic. For the above example, you would have to explain in clear detailed what is meant be racism, who are minorities, who is not a minority and why. So, for example, you might write something like American traditionally have seen race as a dichotomous category, Blacks and Whites, but in reality, there are a number of different possible race categories and under close examination it appears that in America race is really a question if White and Non-White blah, blah, …. You, of course, use your own ideas

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