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Doing this idea was hard, but if I had the opportunity to pursue the idea, I would; I saw that the idea will solve a problem and help meet some needs of the people. Based on the interview the people liked our idea. However, since I would do it in back home, I have to interviews my potential customers over there to get feedback and make sure that I am doing an idea that is really needed. I know that there are only one company in back home that provide a healthy food, but I heard many people complain about the company; their food is not tasty and has limited choices. Moreover, they don’t provide meals for medical conditions, so this idea would be interesting for me to help people and practice what I learned at school in nitration and public health, especially clinical nutrition. Also, I liked the deluxe package idea and I think it would be a great idea for customers over there. They care about tiny details. Changing the cuisines depending on the optional customers interviews also very important point. I think I have to remove some cuisines and add some. I don’t care to get an own profit so far, so I think I would make it a nonprofit company. Finally, I will take other courses that will help me how to run a company.

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