project mgmt 4

Assignment 4.1: Develop a Project Schedule

Earlier you developed a project activity list and sequenced it using a network diagram. In this application, you will use those results as inputs to developing a project schedule.


  1. Review the activities list and network diagram you created earlier.
  2. Estimate the duration of all work while considering the following inputs:
    • Information on availability of resources
    • Organization calendars (when resources are available)
    • Project constraints and assumptions
    • Identified holidays, vacations, and such


  3. Schedule the work in two ways: PERT/CPM and Gantt chart. Be sure to document significant considerations from Step 2 that are not clearly accounted for in the schedule itself (for example, constraints and assumptions).

    Tips: You may find it faster to first lay out your work using sticky notes and ribbon. Then, when you are satisfied with your results, enter the data into an online tool. You will be posting your work on the class website, so be sure to produce your final results in a form that your classmates can easily view. Though some will be more labor intensive than others for entering data, you can consider tools such as spreadsheets, text publishing programs, email, or digital photos (for example, a picture of a white board).


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