Program Evaluation Assignment

Assignment Instructions:You must have a 6-8 slide (not including title and reference slides) voice narrated PowerPoint.Script should be in the presenter’s notes at the bottom of each slide. Each slide should have a voice narration no longer than 2 minutes. I will stop grading at the 2-minute mark.*****PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A GROUP ASSIGNMENT AND I AM ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HIGHLIGHTED PORTION OF THE ATTACHMENT, 1 SLIDE FOR EACH OF MY HIGHLIGHTED SECTIONS****************VOICE NARRATION IS NOT NEEDED ANOTHER GROUP MEMBER WILL PUT THE POWERPOINT TOGETHER, I ONLY NEED THE INFO TO SEND TO HER TO PUT ON THE POWERPOINT****************I AM ALSO ATTACHING THE EBP THAT WE WILL BE COMPLETING THE ASSIGNMENT ON WHICH WILL BE THE  Big Buddy Program ******

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