professional career

Use APA format

The intent of your Professional Portfolio is to serve as a tool to assist you on embarking on a successful career in the Health Informatics & Information Management Profession. The keys to success include:

1. Having an employer pleased with resume/CV that is straight to the point, free of spelling and grammar errors, and has professional appearance.

2. Displaying a high-level of confidence in yourself and what you bring to the table.

3. Establishing a professional network locally, nationally and internationally.

4. Creating a name for yourself by your work ethics, professionalism, first impressions and service to the profession.

Share your thoughts on your Professional Portfolio. In what ways do you plan to continue expanding your portfolio as you further your education and/or career? Lastly, share one piece of advice that you feel is the most important relating to professionalism, motivation, goal setting and career-oriented .

Your initial post comprising a minimum 250 words should have 2-3 credible sources /peer-reviewed references.

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